The Cookie Book Is Written To Young Girls Between 8-15 Years Old

The Cookie Book Is Written To Young Girls Between 8-15 Years Old

The Cookie is a book written by Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter that is aimed toward females ranging between 8-15 years old. Educating a child about sex is very significant information that every child must remember. It’s likely for a child to be uncertain about whether they should have sex or not due to peer pressure and infatuation they’ve developed for a significant other or crush. Although giving them this talk is very cumbersome and awkward, it will impact their life heavily and is very beneficial for that child. The cookie saves parents from the nightmare of their child giving away their “cookie”.

Benefits of the cookie consist of providing parents with a parenting tool that prevents sexual activity and teenage pregnancy in young girls. Teenage pregnancy is very nerve wracking, especially for parents. Taking care of a child at a young age is extremely arduous since you’re still being raised and you have little to no resources that provide you with the blueprints to take care of a child. Teenage mothers will miss out on a bunch of opportunities that most people would only be able to experience in their childhood. There is a large variety of health risks that are repercussions of teenage pregnancy and research has shown that teenage mothers are likely to get progressively poor as far as their academic status. It’s also possible for them to face being apprehended during adolescence.

Parents also have to take care of a larger variety of children now which provides parents with a great quantity of stress and responsibility. These are all outcomes of teenage pregnancy. The Cookie also promotes abstinence, which assists with preventing all of these outcomes. The Cookie also opens up the lines of communication between parents and their children. As I previously mentioned, The Cookie provides parents and children with a more natural discussion about sex and morals opposed to a boring, unpleasant, awkward video or talk.

The Cookie teaches teenagers how to value their body and have morals. It’s important to know that giving away your “cookie” without any regards to the negative repercussions that follow and not valuing your body impacts your life negatively. It’s also important to have morals so that you don’t have to experience these negative impacts.

In conclusion, The Cookie is a very beneficial book that gives parents a parenting tool that prevents teenage pregnancy and gives parents a safe space to talk about sex. It promotes abstinence, opens up the lines of communication between parents and their child, teaches female teens how to value their body’s and have morals, etc.

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by Hunter Atterbury 2023

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