Partnership Proposal

The Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation believes in a self-made blueprint for the lives of all. To meet that objective, our mission is to prevent teen pregnancy, sex trafficking, child abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, and improve financial literacy. In the US statistics, 1 out of 4 women will become pregnant by 17 years of age. There are 1000 infants birthed by teen moms per day. Babies born to teen moms suffer more medical issues, have the potential to be abused, and are more likely to grow up in poverty than the average child does. Half of teen mothers do not finish High school, and teen pregnancies cost the United States $9.1 billion per year. With the overturning of Roe v Wade it is imperative that we give children knowledge and wisdom.

We believe “The Cookie” will be critical in reducing teen pregnancy rates. It is a parenting tool to be read to a child between the ages of 8 - 17 years old. The objective in writing “The Cookie” is to prevent sexual activity in young girls in hopes that they will wait until they are more mature and wiser to make better decisions regarding sexual activity and pregnancy. We strongly believe through Fund Raiser Sponsorships and donations that every parent with a young daughter can receive a copy of “The Cookie.”

If you would like to Sponsor, Donate, or Collaborate with us in this essential and powerful message, please contact us. We offer other educational books, Life’s Blueprint Academy, Self-Made, and The Cookie Diary, as well.

Partner With The Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation

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    The First packages the audio and illustrated e-book “The Cookie” parenting tool and ice breaker for the sex talk directed at young girls. The price for this package is $11.99 and you will receive 30% of the profits.

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    The Second Package includes the audio and e-book of “Self Made: Combining Financial Knowledge & Self Experiences With Wisdom To Impact The Culture". The price for this package is $11.00 You will receive 30% of the profits.

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    The Third package combination includes the audio and e books of “The Cookie” and ebook of “The Cookie Diary a Piece of Me.” This digital diary also contains 10 cookie recipes. It is an interactive workshop for young girls and has inspirational quotes from some of the world’s most powerful women. The price is $13.99 and you will earn 30% of all sales.

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    The Fourth package contains “The Cookie” audiobook and e- book, “The Cookie Diary a Piece of Me” digital diary, as well as “Self-Made” audio and eBook. This book addresses financial literacy and real life situations that most parents are not prepared to discuss with their children. The comprehensive package is $17.99 and you will receive 30% of the profit.

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Partnership Packages

We offer organizations the opportunity to generate a 30% profit by delivering youth packages to your existing and new members, as well as clients of your organization. Youth educational packages range from 7.99 - $13.99 and you receive a digital package of “The Cookie” audio and E book. This is a fabulous fundraising tool for organizations or nonprofits.

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Partnership Pay Policy

Partnership agreement Sandra Showalter Foundation partnership agreement is an agreement between organizations and nonprofits where the organization or nonprofits can earn 30% of profits of the sale of any digital ebooks and audiobooks sold on the partnership page of the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation website.

The nonprofits or organizations that is involved with the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation must sell a minimum of $50,000 digital ebooks or audiobooks annually to stay enrolled in the program. If they do not reach this goal they could be rejected from the program. Nonprofits and organizations that participate in the Sandra Showalter Williams foundation partnership program will receive a monthly check that will be mailed out on the third of every month.

The Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation believes this is a great opportunity for nonprofits and organizations to raise money in funds for their program and organizations so that they could be successful in our communities. All tax information must be sent to the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation no later than 30 days after the organization or nonprofit enrolls so that you can receive your payment. No payment will be mailed out if we do not have your tax information.

The nonprofits and organizations that are enrolled in our partnership program will receive a link that they can tell all the members and clients to go to and click to put their organization's name in the box so that they could receive their funds. The nonprofits or organizations that are participating in this partnership program do not have any rights or any ownership of any merchandise sold on the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation platform or website. The organization or nonprofit individuals that are sent to the website to purchase any of our merchandise the individual must put the nonprofit organization name in the charitable box at checkout so that the organizational non profit will receive  30% of each purchase.

The Sandra Showalter Williams foundation is not responsible or liable for any illegal or unethical  practices by any nonprofit organization enrolled in our programs. If we find that you are involved in any illegal or unethical practices you will be unenrolled from our program.