The Perfect Princess Party Will Make Her & Him Feel Like Royalty

Does your little girl or boy dream of becoming a Prince or Princess? Are you ready to make her/his/their dream come true? At Showalter Foundation, we can do just that!

Offering the perfect princess party for young girls and boys who love beautiful gowns, shiny tiaras and the Royal treatment. Along with their closest friends, she/he/they will embrace her/his/their inner prince and princess and will be treated like royalty.

Our wholesome Princess party is perfect for girls and boys ages 8 to 13 that include fun activities, take-home gifts and a special treatment for the little Prince and Princess. Our main focus is to provide the best party experience that they will be talking about for years to come. You'll Be The Prince or Princess Of Your Dreams


During Brunch Guest Will Hear Audiobook of "The Cookie" Book.

The Cookie

"Lauren has the difficult decision of upholding traditional beliefs and value systems that have been taught by her parents, OR giving into what her school crush Robbie wants..."The Cookie!" In an ideal world Lauren would take heed to her parents warnings, but peer pressure and her infatuation with Robbie is making her challenge everything she knew to be true. Guys are nothing but trouble or are they? Read the story of Lauren and Robbie to see what decision she will make."
  • Royal Brunch

    A delicious Brunch filled with variety that fits "The Royal Lifestyle." Enjoy an assortment of decadent foods that are sure to make your taste buds happy!

  • Tiara Crowning

    Every Princess Needs a Tiara. Allow us to adorn your tresses with the perfect crown for you! Make sure your gown is carefully selected to compliment your tiara.

  • Dance Party

    Q&A will proceed after, following a dance party and cupcakes, along with a Meet & Greet with The Princess and Prince Hunter to close out the event.