Manny Showalter is a founder of Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation. Author of Self-Made, A Blueprint For Financial Success, Life Blueprint Academy For Teens & Young Adults, The Cookie, and The Cookie Diary. Bringing an upbeat interactive "learning party" for the youth and leaders of tomorrow.

Manny Showalter is an author by profession & educator by virtue. He is an American-based influencer, with ethics as a core part of his being. Showalter previously authored books titled Life's Blueprint Academy for Teens and Young Adults, Self-Made: Combining Financial Knowledge & Self Experiences with Wisdom to Impact the Culture, The Cookie, and The Cookie Diary: A Piece of Me. The Cookie is hailed widely for its writing style – dealing with severe issues. Parenting is hard, especially in the contemporary era when life is fast. One barely gets time to educate young girls on an important matter such as sex life and prevention of teen pregnancy. The Cookie, authored by Manny Showalter, is ideal for guardians to help their kids and themselves. The Cookie has sugar-coated the information in the candy of a fiction story where the inside is filled with education.

Showalter gained his financial chops through the school of life. As a youth, he got into trouble and went down the wrong path. However, determined to beat the odds he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business, worked very hard, started his own business then invested in real estate. Each stage of his life will teach you the keys to success that he's learned along the way.

He explains how to use inner strength , faith, focus, and drive to make it out of difficult situations, and how to obtain success by conquering some of life's biggest obstacles. He believes everyone possess the ability to overcome trials and tribulations, and reach the top of their unique Everest. Over time he has learned that true success isn't so much about being talented as it is about what you do with your talent and gifts. That is what he believes catapults dreamers to the next level of achievement and abundance.

His love of working with the youth and adults has allowed him to teach the importance of creating a strong work ethic, saving money, and highlighting the negative impact addictions and bad habbits can have on your life and your income, to name a few points he focuses on. One of the main things he wants his audience to take away from all his teachings is the importance of thinking outside of the box, starting your own business, and not being a slave to debt.

Whether you're a college graduate or you've dropped out of school the knowledge Showalter has to share pertaining to winning the game of life can help you achieve financial success. His alma matta is contrary to what "society"says, success is available to you no matter what your past mistakes may entail.