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Self Made - eBOOK

Self Made - eBOOK

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Combining Financial Knowledge & Self Experiences With Wisdom To Impact The Culture

by Manny Showalter

This book is written to give you a solid blueprint for success in your life. Growing up I did not have my biological father. This book serves as a mentor in a book. It is like a father giving you silent advice, whispering all the knowledge of the streets. Most people don't talk to the young kids about life, business, interacting with law enforcement, HOBO sexual relationships, creating a strong work ethic, fixing your credit, buying real estate, overcoming addictions and thinking outside of the box to change your life for the better. Some of the chapters covered in this book include artificial intelligence, the health crisis and wellness, using prison for growth and development, the pros and cons of bankruptcy, paying for college, and finding a great career. This book is a personal homage to people who don't think that rap lyrics have a positive impact on society. To demonstrate the power of rap and the artists, this book integrates positive rap lyrics as quotes for each chapter.

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